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“Make Buying Easier at TFI Company in UAE”

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Managing 900 leads per day by TFI systems

“Make Buying Easier at TFI Company in UAE”

Efficient Sales Process Automation in Dubai, UAE

The whole purpose of our automation is to simplify the sales process. Simplification means making it efficient, short, and focusing on valuable outcomes. With 900 inquiries per day, filtering and managing them effectively is crucial to ensure readiness for the next batch.

Solution: To handle 900 inquiries daily in Dubai, follow these steps:

  • Direct Inquiries: All inquiries should be directed through a website or organized form for data structuring.
  • Algorithm Review: Use algorithms to review inquiries for information and technicalities.
  • Pricing Process: Process inquiries, generate quotations based on predefined algorithms, and prepare for approval.
  • Client Interaction: Operators approve quotations and automatically send customized quotes to clients using AI.
  • Follow-Up: Mark quotes as sent to customers and automate follow-ups until closure.

If you’re in UAE and want to streamline your inquiry handling using our automation system, contact us via the chat button at the corner of this page or scan the QR code on the image.

Managing 900 leads per day by TFI systems